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Adam Joan Review: Go for its Visual Treat..!

Adam Joan has tried to bring an altogether different shade of film watching experience. Though not boasting a strong script, the movie however displays a visual feast for Malayalam cinema goers. Sans those wonderful frames, you can’t tag ‘Adam Joan’ even as a decent thriller.

The story of the movie mainly concentrates on the life of Adam Joan (Prithviraj), who is a rich planter in Scotland. The man, who lives along with his family, consisting of mother, brother and sister in law, happened to meet a beautiful girl, Emi (Mishti) back in Fort Kochi. Fallen in love with her on the very first sight itself, Adam marries her. However, Emi met with an unfortunate end to her life, on the first childbirth. Devastated over Emi’s death, Adam leaves behind his newborn baby in the hands of his brother and sister in law. Well, the clock ticked 7 long years, before which Adam decided to meet his baby girl. Fate seems to be haunting Adam, as his daughter got kidnapped by some unknown entities. During the course of claiming back his daughter, Adam came across people, with some unusually dark background.

The story of Adam Joan definitely had a kind of spark in it; but, director Jinu Abraham, who has also penned the script, failed to create a fire out from it. With the Satan worship setting the stage for a dark mood, ‘Adam Joan’ could have well become an impeccable nail biting thriller. Instead, Jinu Abraham seems to be okay with a slow paced narration, with taking too much time to conceive the subject. The same has spoiled the party, with makers failing to connect with the audience. Another aspect, which marred the movie, was the inclusion of too much of dramatic sequences, many of which could have been pruned at the editing table. See, after a given point of time, ‘Adam Joan’ makes a confusing journey, not knowing where to tread with.

During this 160 plus minute long so called thriller movie, you would come across Prithviraj appearing in his usual swag, and producing a neat performance as the titular character of the movie. Though the rest of the cast members had nothing much to make out from this Jinu Abraham directorial, Narain did make an impactful act. He made a decent act, and stood along with Prithviraj in delivering a fine act.

While Deepak Dev did a commendable job in creating soul rending music, it however stretched the movie further, without any reason. Meanwhile, his background music turned out to be the saving grace for the movie, when it was having a running competition with a snail. However, one area, where ‘Adam Joan’ scored brilliantly was the cinematographic segment. Driving out all the evil elements, you could solely watch ‘Adam Joan’ for this visual extravaganza. Albeit the colour toning creating an interruption between the times, Jithu Damodar’s camera works deserves applauds.

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