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Madura Raja Review

The triple strong version of the double strong Pokkiri Raja released in 2010, Madura Raja hit big screens with all the celebrations that you would normally associate with a masala entertainer. As was promised, Vysakh has delivered a mass masala entertainer, which blends all the required ingredients. It is a bit cliché, if one is to be advised to turn off the brain, while watching mass entertainers. Something which appeals to the masses, wherein they could cheer and phew the whistles without thinking much! Now, if that is to be considered as the definition of a mass masala entertainer, then Madura Raja deserves to be categorized under this popular genre. Running into two and half hours, Madura Raja has incorporated the elements of action, comedy (?), sentiments and what is more, the charismatic presence of Mammootty.

Starting off by giving you the background story of the plot, Madura Raja presents Nadeshan (Jagapathi Babu) encountering with police forces. Panned to 25 years down the lane, he has grown tremendously powerful and an influential figure. Now, there happens a crucial moment in the movie, at which juncture, Madura Raja (Mammootty) arrives, and there goes the story. There is not much for presenting an intriguing plot in terms of the content, which has many loose ends. However, Vysakh, owing to his experience in handling movies set in big canvas, has managed to fill the frames with all the glitz. Like any other mass movies, Madura Raja too featured strong verbal conflagration and taunting the political scenario of the state. There were certain instances, where the story could have been a bit crispier. The character introduction part was one such a situation, which should have been trimmed. Strictly predictable from toe to head, the script didn’t pay attention to developing more round characters. Apart from the character of Mammootty, the rest all looked flat for most part.

By gallantly staging the script of Udayakrishna, Vysakh relied much on the energy levels of Mammootty, who incidentally has stunned everyone with his striking body language. It must be mentioned right here in that this action avatar of Megastar hasn’t been explored with such brilliance, at least during the past some years. Full credit goes to Peter Hein in choreographing the action sequences. There seems to be a great chemistry between Vysakh and Peter Hein, whose guns have fired in big time back in Pulimurugan days. Albeit many unnecessary sequences were included, just to showcase the heroic acts, the string of events however oozed energy. Another aspect, wherein the movie did work reasonably well was in terms of executing the three song sequences. The one featuring Sunny Leone, particularly generated much curiosity, prior to the release. The dance choreography too was satisfactory and did go well with the overall mood of the movie. To sum up with, the technical side of Madura Raja fared quite decently.

In terms of performance, it was a so-so act from the whole cast members. In fact, rating this aspect it is not something that you have to strictly follow, while analyzing movies of this genre. Mammootty, who has delivered comic moments with his trademark style, however had couple of moments, wherein he could showcase his stronghold area – sentimentalizing. Consisting of proven artists such as Jai, Jagapathi Babu, Siddique, Anusree, Mahima Nambiar, Shamna Kasim, Nedumudi Venu, Vijayaraghavan, Salim Kumar and to name the rest, Madura Raja is one such a movie, which is expected to go well with the traditional concepts of a vacation family entertainer.

Madura Raja Rating: 3.5/5


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