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Lava Kusa: 2.0 Movie Review

Lava Kusa Malayalam Movie Review:

Lava Kusa, as the title indicates, is all about the duo, who come across similar life situations and end up on the receiving end of a whole set of actions. It is all about an umpteen set of twists and turnings, which utterly confuses the audiences. Anyways, though some seems interesting, many appeared to be attempts of misfires in big time.

Talking about the story, we have the two guys, who are virtually unnamed ones, longing for a miracle to happen in their life. Underdogs in their own fields, both the central characters – essayed by Neeraj Madhav and Aju Varghese, come across some highly improbable situations; it was visible that the makers were trying to cash in from the often repeated comic side tracks, which we have seen in the past. Meanwhile, both of them accidentally meet an undercover cop, JK (Biju Menon). From there onwards, it’s all a different story in the lives of the two youngsters.

The script penned by Neeraj Madhav provides ample chances to instill twists at regular intervals. In fact, it was a bit on the higher note and many appeared uninteresting or unwanted at particular junctures. It was all about some comic side tracks being focused on in the initial hours; it suddenly changed into a fast paced mood, upon the arrival of a set of characters with unknown motives. Though it picked up after a certain time, the story still lacked the power to present before a packaged entertainer. Albeit the fact that there were some interesting moments upon the arrival of JK and their encounters, those particular instances appeared jaded at the outset itself.

Director Gireesh Mano hasn’t provided any exceptional work under his director’s cap; nevertheless, it was a decent attempt in bringing out the unexpected events happening in the lives of two youngsters. However, the performance by the leading stars – Aju Varghese and Neeraj Madhav, were refreshing enough to instill comic moments. At times, their characters appeared flat, but interestingly the character of Biju Menon was presented in the meantime to make it a different experience. Well, he is a man, who is gifted with a super screen presence and is undoubtedly the show stealer whenever he appears on the big screen.

As far as the rest of the characters are concerned, we don’t have much to say about them. Be it Deepti Sati, or Ashwin Kumar of ‘Jacobinte Swargarajyam’ fame, there were not many sparkling moments. Technically speaking too, ‘Lava Kusa’ was an average outing. The camera works by Prakash Velayudhan looked in tandem with the mood of the movie, while the performance of the music department should be categorized strictly as an average one. Well, we can’t forget those mistakes in dubbing. All in all, ’Lava Kusa’ can’t be termed as a great entertainer, but it is not an utter failure either..!

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