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Fidaa Movie Review

If you insist to review the movie in the shortest possible words, then answer would be obvious, ‘Fidaa’ belongs to Sai Pallavi. Besides a rather neat narration presented by director Sekhar Kammula, what elated the movie to the next level is the towering presence of this ‘Premam’ actress. Came with the tagline, ‘love hate love story’, ‘Fidaa’ did exhibit the charm to work it in big time.

Bhanumathi (Sai Pallavi), who loves her village so much that she vowed to never leave the place, even after marriage. Her set of ideologies demanded a man, who should lover her village as well. Life takes a different turn when her sister Renuka (Sharanya Pradeep) got married off to an NRI boy, Raju (Raja Chembolu). Raju is accompanied by his brother Varun (Varun Tej), who started developing a liking towards Bhanumathi. While the elder couple led a peaceful life, it is how the younger ones manage to succeed in their relationships forms the crux of the story.

Quite a simple story, which was told umpteen times in the past! But, Sekhar Kammula was able to tackle this issue by concentrating more on the chemistry between the lead pair, rather than showcasing it in a wide canvas. The same has enabled him to give a good shape to the characters of Varun and Bhanumathi. Another major highlight, which deserves a special mention, is the narration from the perspectives of different characters. It must be added that, Kammula has never tried to subdue the grey shades of the lead pair, with both having their own shares of flaws. In fact, it is between the clash of egos of Bhanumathi and Varun, which Sekhar Kammula discovers some exciting moments out from the film. Bhanumati’s view of life stands a pole apart from that of Varun. In fact, you would see Varun being rejected multiple times by Bhanumati. At last, what wields the gap between them happened to be their contrasting characteristics.

Well, in this aspect, you should give full credit to Sai Pallavi in bringing the exuberant foliages of Bhanumathi. It won’t be an inflated comment, if we said that the film at times depends solely on Bhanumathi. Varun Tej quite convincingly portrayed the boy next door avatar, with his best moments in the movie being with Sai. Coupled with good sound tracks and great visuals, ‘Fidaa’ has managed to outweigh the loose ends with some striking performances. Finally, ‘Fidaa’ comes out as a clean entertainer, if your heart is big enough to close eyes against the climax glitches.


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